Frequently Asked Questions

SideCentre - FAQsI don’t have a lot of people asking me questions, in fact I might not have been asked one yet, so I don’t really find myself qualified to have a frequently asked questions page. However, it seems like it’s the done thing to do in recent times on ones blog site.

I’ll take a guess at what I think people might ask me if they really cared enough to spend time out of their day to contact me and ask a question.

Why did you create this website?

I like to write and express. I didn’t create it for a popularity contest or anything like that. I actually don’t expect that I’ll ever have anyone visit and actually read my content.

But it helps me to relax and it’s kind of my outlet and down time to write.

What problems do you expect to solve with this website?

None at all except for my own stress and high blood pressure levels.

How long have you been writing for? 

I’ve loved to write since I was about 8. But have not done much writing in my 40 odd years. Not enough anyway. Until I discovered how it easy it was to setup a website and just write about crap.

Why is the sky blue? 

A question from my kids one day… A trick question I think.

Do you like roofing? 

Yes, my good mate is a roofer so I guess I tend to write about roof sites as a bit of a weird hobby. We have beers and he talks roofing stories, some which are hilarious and stay with me for days after. I guess that’s why I think of looking at roofer websites – cause I’m still laughing internally at my mates stories.

Do you like swimming pools? 

Yes. I spend a lot of time fiddling around with my pool. Come on, it’s outside, it’s a blokey thing to do and I can have a few beers whilst mucking around. As long as the water stays clear, everyone’s happy.

What happens after we die? 

Well, this is getting a little deep and I certainly have my opinion on this topic but I think I’ll save this discussion for a blog post. Sounds like it could be a long one.

Hope these FAQs have served to answer all your queries about this website. They’ve certainly put my mind at rest now that I’ve taken time to write them out.