Metal Roof Cleaning – Tips For Better Results

Homeowners are well aware that the investment that they have made in their property is probably the largest that they will make in any single item during their lifetime. Given that this is the case they also realize that there are two separate issue which will allow them to get a superior return on that investment and also allow their families to enjoy a lifestyle that will make their house into a home that is safe, secure and filled with joy.

One is maintenance of the home, the other may be improvements to the structure and fittings of the home. Maintenance is something that simply must be done to protect the investment – the other – improvements may take place over a staggered period of time.

For those who own a home with a metal roof maintenance can be an extremely important part of keeping the property in great shape – and making sure that the property investment maintains its value.

So how does the homeowner ensure that metal roof is taken care of?

The first step – as with every project that the homeowner will undertake themselves is to assess the scope of the project. this becomes especially important where the home has a metal roof that is slightly older. Due to the buildup of paint – which can mask corrosion it is extremely important to have a close look at the issues with the roof.

While you are checking the state of the roof always ensure that you are safe. If possible make sure that you make use of a safety harness. The same rules are applicable if you are going to undertake the repairs yourself.

Deal with the paint buildup and the corrosion. However if possible avoid using metal scrapers – you will simply end up damaging the roof. Rather use a still steel wire brush.

getting rid of mold and mildew may require that you use tri-sodium phosphate. It should be mixed with water in an appropriate manner. Ask your neighborhood hardware store about the ideal mixture. Once you have completed this process inspect and make sure that all mold and mildew is gone then rinse the roof with clean water.

As a final step rent a pressure washer and wash the debris to the edge of the roof and over, then repaint with the appropriate paint – once again professional advice is a great idea – then you can be assured that your metal roof will be as good as new.

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