Roof Cleaning Basics

roof cleaning basicsIs roof cleaning necessary? Is there even such a thing? Yes, sometimes it is necessary and yes, there is such a thing.

If your roof is dirty in a few spots you can clean it yourself as long as you follow some precautions. If your roof is covered in mold or algae, hire a roofing company to perform a professional cleaning. The following are some basics about how to know when your roof needs to be cleaned and what to expect when the cleaning is done.

Your roof needs proper care and maintenance so that it lasts as long as possible. One of the biggest steps you can take to keep it in good shape is to clean it.

You will know that it needs to be cleaned by doing a visual inspection of it. Incidentally, you should perform a visual inspection of your roof a few times a year. You should also do this after a big storm. You want to note any changes in its condition.

If you see stains or growth in spots, the roof can be cleaned in sections. If you see this together with dark patches you want to have the roof professionally cleaned. These are often hardened spots containing bacteria.

Clean the Roof Yourself

As long as you can safely climb and use a ladder to reach the dirty spots of the roof you can clean it yourself. Use a mixture of bleach and water and gently work to eliminate the areas that need attention. Leave any spots that you cannot reach by hand comfortably alone. This is for your safety. Also, if you scrub at some roof materials like asphalt too hard the shingle could loosen and need to be replaced.

Clean the Roof with the Help of A Qualified Roofer

This is the best option for either a heavily soiled roof or one that needs spot cleaning. Your roofer will assess the condition of the roof and most likely use a pressure washer to get the entire surface clean.

Can you use a pressure washer yourself instead of hiring a roofer? You can, but again, remember that your roofer knows exactly the amount of pressure to use for your roof’s material. Too much pressure will damage it. Too little may not be effective.

You now know that roof cleaning is a thing! Check yours out soon and decide to get it cleaned yourself or with the help of your local roof experts.