Roof safety

Keeping your homes roof well-maintained can help prevent unnecessary damage along with the associated repair costs, whilst supplying you with peace of mind. A regular maintenance schedule is a great idea to keep for roof looking great and minimise any repairs required. With the below tips you will have a much safer time cleaning or repairing your roof.

The first thing to remember is to have the right gear. Wearing a pair of safety boots, built to prevent slippage on the roof surface, and a helmet must be good sense. A safety harness is also a must with a strong anchor point to be attached to. You should also invest in a sturdy non slip ladder. Make sure the ladder is fell fastened and that it is on even ground and can not slip out. Trying to minimise loose tools as they can fall and be a dangerous hazard to those below. It’s important that you make time to ensure that every area of the ladder’s structure is strong enough to hold your weight as well as the weight of the tools you could have to transport up on the roof.

Make sure that you do your roof work on a calm and dry day. Slippage is the most common cause of injury from roof work and attempting to do work on a wet day greatly increases the chance of an accident. A wet roof surface greatly increases the risk of slippage. Furthermore, any wet leaves on the roof also pose an elevated likelihood of slippage. Make sure the roof is dry and if possible use a leaf blower to minimise any debris on the roof.

Get some help. If you have a high roof or a steep pitched roof be sure to ask for some help. Having a spare set of hands can greatly reduce of hazard of slips or falls. They can help to pass you tools or help to secure your harness point.