Tips On Removing Mould From Your Roof


Your roof makes up a significant part of the appearance of your home. It is probably one of the most obvious section of your home when people first look at it and I’m sure it’s something you look at the most in your outside your house. Probably more if your roof is poor looking and covered with mould, lichen and/or algae.

Roof Restoration

Your roof protects your home and is typically the most durable, low maintenance and reliable part of your house. Over time though, it is likely the roof will get dirty and attract a build of a combination of dirt, mould, lichen, algae, and/or moss.

According to the guys at Roof Restoration Narre Warren, the best way to remove mould from a roof is to have it done professionally. All reliable roofing companies have in their inventory a commercial grade high pressure cleaner that is used for cleaning the roof. In normal cases, a pressure cleaner is all that is needed to remove mould from the roof. The important thing to note here is the cleaning of the roof without chemicals – better for you, for us, and the environment. However in severe cases, chemical assistance maybe required.

If you are a home handyman (or woman), you may find it tempting to clean the roof yourself. Obviously the advantage of doing it yourself is saving money by not having to pay a professional roofing company. However, we highly recommend you don’t try to do it yourself, no matter how tempting, for these reasons.

Firstly, to clean mould from your roof you will need access to a pressure cleaner, preferably a commercial grade unit. Most of us don’t have access to one of these so without a commercial grade pressure cleaner, you will need to resort to using chemicals to clean the roof.

There are many chemicals on the market for cleaning roofs however we don’t advocate the use of chemicals unless necessary. Chemicals used on the roof will clearly get into the waste water system and eventually into our water ways. If you must use chemicals, please check the safety of them thoroughly and consult advice from where you are buying them from.

The other disadvantage of using chemicals is that often some type of brushing or rubbing will be required. This can be a very time consuming process, especially if you have a decent size roof.

Now the most important issue with you trying to clean the roof yourself is safety. Obviously, there is danger of being up on the roof. Couple that with a wet roof and there’s a recipe for disaster. By law, professionals need to have safety railing to get on top of a roof on a two storey house – this gives you an indication of how dangerous it could be.

The fact that you will be on a wet roof, without safety precautions and carrying out physical work, should be enough to deter you from attempting to clean mould from the roof yourself.

If you are located in the Narre Warren area or nearby, we highly suggest you lookup the services of a professional roofing company such as Roof Restoration Narre Warren. Save yourself the heartache, the risk, the time and the effort by getting someone to do the work for you.